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JiangXi Xinguang Silicone Co.,Ltd. was established in 2007. we have built our own factory with 10000㎡.we specialize in producing the high-end liquid silicone . In order to offer our clients the best service,we established a new manufaturing base, which is Huizhou Yirun Silicone Co.,Ltd. in 2017.we have the excellent engineer team.Our test machines are ROHS、REACH、UV aging machine、oval automatic machine、mold transfer machine、film engraving machine etc.our production capacity is over 3000T per year.we can meet your requirement.we have the specialized after-sales service engineers.we can offer you the specialized,efficient service in the field of clothes、shoes、socks、gloves、logo etc. Our products have passed REACH、ROHS、OEKO-TEX-100 test,etc.


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