Silicone wristband ink

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Technical Data Sheet

XG-110 wristband ink

Features and Benefits:supple handle;excellent fastness on silicone substrate;Free VOC;Adhere to most common substrates;work life for five hours;Long shelf life,365days;Excellent resistantce alcohol,sweat etc;two part silicone;cured by 180℃ in five minutes


Composition:100% silicone;A part is silicone,B part is catalyst

Applications:XG-110 is designed for use as the protective silicone ink on silicone wristband,toy,tools,electronic products,etc

Instructions:can be sprayed or dipped;easily mixed;mixture ratio:100:3;mix the two parts thoroughly;cured temperature:180℃;cured time:5minutes

Usable life and Storage:XG&YR XG-110 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of

manufacture when stored in original, unopened containers in a clean and dry environment

below 90°F (32°C)

Notice;please do your test before mass production.The TDS is our test report for your reference.


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