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Highly recommended product:dipping rope silicone with crack effect

In long time ,rope crack effect is mainly dipped by water base paste:use transparent paste dipping 6-8 times as a first down base.using paste mixed pigment to dip for 3-4 times.after natural dry ,crack effect happens.

Now most of factories make the crack effect by this way.this artwork disadvantage: very slow,not easy to make.

When we XG &YR silicone Co.,Ltd find the disadvantage,we research and develope the crack silicone.

After our test,we find our crack silicone with the advantage as follows: dry,the dry time can be controlled.our crack silicone can be assemble line.

2.friendly-environment,pass REACH test. can choose soft handle or hard handle easily.

4.less dipping times,but offering you the better thickness and glossy or matter finish than water base paste.

5.silicone  is can mix any pigment into our crack silicone to get the color you like.

Our crack silicone SKU#:20G

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