sportswear silicone printing instruction

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Printing instruction


1.physical properties:transulent paste,mix ratio:1:1;printed on cotton,elastic garment,silicone coating garment,modal fibre etc;it can be silicone adhesive between two garments;extreme flexibility :400-500X.


2.Print instruction :

(1).underbase printing:mix ratio:1:1(XG-136A:XG-136B),mix them thoroughly.mesh:120(48T),squeege:65-75degree;print 2-3times,every print after surface dry by flash,100℃,10seconds,please print the silicone as silicone adhesive with mesh number 80;add viscosity reducer if the viscosity is high.(reducer:XG-128AH)

(2).printing thickness:please add pigment5-10% into silicone mixture  if you need color layer.Note:use the print-flash-print method.(100℃,10seconds by table oven or dryer)

(3).printing glossy or matte finish:print glossy silicone on uneven cloth;glossy silicone XG-399-3 with super fastness but general elongation.print high elastic cloth with XG-399Q(elongation strength 400-500X,general fastness).print XG-866M with matte effect.


3.After finishing print,put product into oven by 120℃,20minutes.please bake product by 30minutes if silicone layer is too thick.please do wash test or rub test in 24hours.

4.the instruction is our test for your reference.please do the test before mass production.when the test meets your requirement,you can start flocking with our product.

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