Embossing silicone instruction

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Embossing silicone instruction


1.physical properties:translucent paste,easily shaped,high shore A.



(1).Embossing machine:upper mold tem.:150-180℃,Lower mold tem.:120℃;please set the temperature by mold and garment.

(2).mixture silicne with catalyst:XG-360KY-65 and Catalyst XG-360ZB,mixture ratio:10:1;mesh number:100-120

(3).Press pattern:put the printed pattern on press machine in 10-15seconds.

(4).The coarse cloth need patch it by embossing machine after patching on printed silicone;please note : you patch on the printed silicne without dry surface.

3.Please do wash test in 24hours after pressing it.

4.It may be silicone poisoning caused by garment, or mold temperature if it's not dry after pressing it.

5.The technical report is our test result,only for your reference.please do your test before mass production.

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