Flocking silicone instruction

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Flocking silicone instruction


2.Application:multi-color flocking or other.

3.Three parts silicone:Base XG-20000A、Catalyst XG-20000B、Catalyst XG-20000C


4.Flocking Instruction:

(1).Mixing the base and catalyst,mixing ratio:100:1:0.3(XG-20000A:XG-20000B:XG-20000C);mixing them thoroughly.

Note:viscosity will be high after adding catalysty XG-20000C,you can add thinner XG-128AH about5%-10%

(2).Printing under base:mixing three parts thoroughly,printing them two times or one squeege for two times.

Note:Mesh number:100-120;surface dry baked by 100℃,in two minutes.

(3).Printing flocking layer:printing the mixture of flock silicone two times or one squeege for two times.

Note:Don't keep surface dry.

(4).Electrostatic Flocking:Before the surface dry,please make one color or multi-color flocking ;flocking color from light to dark color

After finishing the electrostatic flocking,please bake them by 130℃,in five minutes.

5.Please do the wash test after finishing baking them in eight hours

6.the instruction is our test for your reference.please do the test before mass production.when the test meets your requirement,you can start flocking with our product.

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